Metrotile Bond

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Metrotile Bond

Bond profiles look like traditional clay roof tiles but have all the additional advantages of steel roof tiles. Thanks to the design of the Bond, these panels can be firmly attached to each other. This ensures optimum durability, wind resistance and protection against other extreme weather conditions.

  • Lightweight
  • Durable

  • Stable

  • Anti-rust coating

  • In diverse colours and versions

Metrotile Bond roof elements are produced from a high-quality galvanised steel core plate and profiled in an 8-tile roof element. This creates an attractive, classic design. In order to give the elements extra protection and an attractive appearance, a real natural-stone granulate is applied. Thanks to the availability of many colours, you can perfectly match your roof to the shades of the surroundings or the rest of the house. In addition to the standard version in granulate, the Metrotile Bond is available in a smooth version in matt or high-gloss. This prestigious range is available in several colours.

Metrotile Bond roof tile elements are suitable for both new construction and renovation in non-residential and residential construction. Think of sloping roofs that need to be fitted with a light (truss) construction. This lightweight roof system is also often used when re-configuring flat roofs as sloping roofs. Precisely due to their light weight, the elements are frequently in the recreation sector and chalet construction.

Bouwimpex also supplies Metrotile fittings for the correct assembly of roof tiles. We can also take care of the assembly for you.

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