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ASW-PIR FR Insulation

The large number of stable fires in recent years calls for more stringent rules on fire safety in stables. With the correct preventive measures, there is much to be gained, starting with the right stable equipment. Bouwimpex helps with fire-resistant insulation that complies with the highest quality standards and the key requirements for fire-resistant building.

ASW-PIR FR fire-retardant insulation



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ASW-PIR FR fire-retardant insulation

In new construction or renovation projects, the quality and fire safety of products are always paramount. This also applies to agricultural – or industrial (commercial) buildings. The fire-retardant ASW-PIR insulation panels of Bouwimpex have guaranteed good fire behaviour and a high insulation value. In doing so, Bouwimpex is complying with the ever more stringent fire and safety requirements.

  • HCFK-free PIR hard foam

  • Excellent fire class (B-S2-D0)

  • Very high insulation value – Lambda 0.023 W/(m.K)
  • Pressure-resistant, 30-35 kg/m3
  • Can be produced in any project size
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ASW-PIR FR insulation panels are manufactured from fully HCFK-free PIR hard foam and have an exceptional cell structure. This makes them ideally suited for applications in agricultural and industrial construction.

The insulation panels are fitted with double-sided stucco aluminium foil (white visible side; for good light dispersion) and are available as standard to 8000 mm. On request however, they can be produced in virtually any project size. They can be ordered with various edge finishes. The insulation panels are transported with pallets and unloaded at the construction site with a truck-mounted forklift.

ASW-PIR FR PLUS insulation panels

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ASW-PIR FR PLUS fire-retardant insulation

Animal welfare is playing an increasingly important role in construction projects within the agricultural industry. Not only does the safety of animals in stalls have the highest priority, animals also thrive better with the right ambient temperatures, allowing for an increase in growth and productivity.

In order to meet the increasingly strict rules that apply to agricultural construction, Bouwimpex has developed a new fire-retardant insulation panel.

  • Fire behaviour B-S2-D0, as placed on the market

  • Very good insulation value

  • HCFK-free PIR hard foam

  • Compression strength 32 kg/m3

  • Easy to clean and install

  • Hygienic ceiling

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With ASW-PIR FR PLUS insulation, you can choose a solution which directly contributes to a healthy indoor climate, lower energy costs and increased fire safety in stalls and agricultural buildings. In most cases, the latter can result in an attractive discount for insurance premiums. In other words, livestock farmers who are consciously involved in barn fire prevention can benefit from this.

ASW-PIR FR PLUS insulation panels are manufactured from entirely HCFK free PIR hard foam and have a special fire-retardant core. The product has an excellent fire class (tested as B-S2-D0 as market placement) and has a very high insulation value. Due to high thermal performance, a particularly good insulation value is already achievable with a thin insulation panel.

The insulation panels are fitted with a strong aluminium stucco film (100mu) with a white visible side. This ensures better light dispersion so that work in the stall can be carried out in a better way, while also ensuring that results are able to be demonstrably improved. The product is also easy to clean. This improves hygiene and contributes to the prevention of diseases.

SGW FR fire-retardant insulation panels

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SGW FR fire-retardant insulation

SGW FR is a stable insulation plate made of glass wool, which is provided with a glass fleece on the top and aluminum foil on the bottom. The foil is a strong gray foil that can be easily cleaned.

  • Fire behaviour A2-S1-D0, as placed on the market

  • Pressure-resistant, 35 kg/m3

  • Sound absorbing

  • Available in any desired thickness

  • Available in lengths up to 3000 mm

  • Easy to clean and install

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The excellent fire class A2-S1-D0 according to EN-13501-1 on the product (as placed on the market) makes the SGW FR insulation boards extremely suitable for applications that require a higher fire safety than the most commonly used insulation boards.

In addition to the excellent fire class, our SGW FR plates also dampen the noise considerably compared to other materials, making it more pleasant to work in the stable.

SGW FR plates are available with straight sides. The SGW FR insulation boards are available in any desired thickness in addition to the standard thicknesses. The plates can be made to measure up to a maximum size of 3000mm.

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