Products for stable construction

Bouwimpex has developed a range of durable PVC products for applications in modern stables and agricultural buildings. These products can be used independently and in combination for the renovation and new construction of stables and agricultural buildings.

Our product portfolio offers a complete solution for the modern farmer who wants to prepare his stable or farm building for the future in a responsible and sustainable manner.


PVC wall systems and pen partitions

For modern stable construction and stable lay out Bouwimpex supplies a programme of durable, PVC wall panels that are suitable for the construction of dividing walls and pen partitions. Bouwplast panels are characterised by proven good quality and quick assembly.

PVC windows and doors

Bouwimpex offers a complete product range of PVC windows and doors that have been specially developed for modern construction. These products are made of high-quality plastic and are characterised by ease installation, a high degree of durability and excellent value for money.


Fire-resistant construction products

The large number of stable fires in recent years calls for more stringent rules for fire safety in stables. There is much to be gained by taking the right preventive measures, starting with the right stable layout. Bouwimpex supplies fire-resistant plastic panels, insulation and doors for applications where fire safety plays a major role, such as pig, poultry and cattle stables.


ASW-PIR fire-resistant insulation

In new construction or renovation projects, the quality and fire safety of products are always paramount. This also applies to the insulation used for agricultural or industrial (commercial) buildings. Bouwimpex supplies fire-resistant insulation that contributes to maximum safety.

Metal doors

The Multidoor is a strong, metal door with insulating properties. This universal wicket door is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and is ideal for agricultural and industrial buildings. This very sturdy door is available in standard sizes but can also be ordered as a project size.

Daylight and air inlet systems

In a stable, the living conditions of the animal must be as optimal as possible. Bouwimpex has therefore developed the innovative LuxAir system. The strength of this product is the combination of a Bouwplast window with an aerodynamic air intake valve. This effectively achieves maximum daylight intake and optimum air supply and exhaust in the stable.


Cast iron stable grids

Topfloor grids are suitable for applications in stalls for meat pigs and pregnant sows. These stable grids are produced from high-quality, strong quality cast iron (GGG40) and are therefore very strong and hard-wearing. The grids are acid and rust resistant and have a high breaking strength.

Applied projects