Metrotile Mistral

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Metrotile Mistral

The appearance of a traditional Dutch roof, combined with the additional advantages of a steel roof. Thanks to the pointed down underside and a pointed up upper side, the Mistral elements overlap very well and fit together perfectly. This ensures excellent durability and protection against extreme weather conditions.

  • Lightweight

  • Stable

  • Durable

  • Perfect overlapping of elements

  • Extensive colour range

The Metrotile Mistral is a granulated, lightweight, seven-tiles roof tile element. The steel roof tile is made of high-quality Aluzinc® and there is no risk of corrosion. This is ideal for all new construction and renovation projects with lightweight roof coverings. The Mistral roof tile is available both in granulated as well as smooth versions. Thanks to the extensive colour range, this panel fits perfectly with any facade colour.

Bouwimpex also supplies Metrotile fittings for the correct assembly roof tiles. We can also take care of assembly for you.

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