Metrotile Viksen

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Metrotile Viksen

The Viksen was inspired by the unique architecture of the old Vikings. They constructed their houses and other buildings entirely of wood and often used wooden planks as roofing material. The Metrotile Viksen elements are manufactured from high-quality Aluzinc coated steel so that rust formation does not have a chance. The pattern of the Vikings has been preserved, and this gives each building a distinct and rustic character.

  • Lightweight

  • Strong

  • Stable

  • Rustic look

  • In 3 standard colours

Metrotile Viksen roof elements are profiled in the form of a traditional bitumen shingle, but without the well-known disadvantages! These roof tiles are available in 3 standard colours: Torino (coal grey), Sparta (autumn brown) and Milano (brick red). The elements can be individually provided with so-called spot colours. This creates a unique and original effect and each roof can be designed on an individual basis.

Bouwimpex also supplies Metrotile fittings for the correct assembly of roof tiles. We can also take care of assembly for you.

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