Project Description

Newly built pig barn in Groenlo

The full width of our product range was used in the construction of a pig barn in Groenlo, in the province of Gelderland. Bouwimpex supplied, among other things, Bouwplast panels for the construction of sloping pit plating and the partitioning walls, ASW PIR- FR insulation, and PVC windows and doors.

Sloping pit plating reduces ammonia emissions

Reducing ammonia emissions is a major issue in pig farming. A relatively simple method of reducing the ammonia emissions is to use sloped pit plating. A sloping pit wall reduces the surface area of the manure so that less ammonia is absorbed into the air. This is better for the environment, but also for people and livestock: the improved air quality ensures a pleasant (working) environment.

In the Groenlo barn, sloped pit plating has been realised with grey Bouwplast-plus panels and stainless-steel fasteners. Bouwplast-plus panels have a long-term resistance to ammonia, making them very suitable for pit plating.

Fire safety in the barn

A great deal of attention has also been paid to fire safety in the barn design. For example, the barn was insulated with ASW PIR FR insulation panels, which consist of fire-retardant PIR rigid foam. White Bouwplast-plus FR panels, which also have a fire-retardant effect, were used for the partitioning walls and the pen layout.

PVC windows and doors

Daylight enters the barn through skylights made of fixed Bouwplast Easy windows, interspersed with one sash window per skylight strip. This means that there is always sufficient natural light in the barn. The sash window can be used as emergency ventilation and as an escape route in the event of a fire. Finally, Bouwimpex also supplied Agraplast PVC interior doors and Agraplast PVC exterior doors in Groenlo.