Bouwplast-plus FR fire-resistant panels

The fire-retardant design of the Bouwplast-plus panel. The FR panel is made of high-quality plastic (PVC) which is composed of unique fire-resistant raw materials. The panel can be produced in the desired project size.

  • Made of premium fire-resistant PVC

  • Efectis certified

  • Fire class B-S3-D0

  • Available in white and grey

  • Clicking system

  • Double-sided rubber seal

Fire-retardant construction is increasingly the norm. The more stringent requirements with respect to fire behaviour in stables, sheds and halls demand ever safer, fire-retardant materials. Not only politicians are calling for this, farmers themselves are also taking protective measures. A stable fire can have major consequences, both emotionally and financially.

Plastic walls are quicker to install, more flexible and cheaper than a masonry wall. A drawback is more sensitivity to fire. For this reason, Bouwimpex has developed – together with the plastic-industry – the Bouwplast-plus FR (fire resistant) panel. These fire-resistant panels – in 250/35, 400/35 and 500/35 version – are made of high-quality plastic that has been tested by Efectis in fire class B. With this, Bouwimpex demonstrates that fire-resistant and high-quality construction go hand in hand in stable construction.

We also provide the finishing profiles for these panels. Please click here for an overview.