Project Description

Bouwplast frames fitted with diffuse HR+++ glass

A special model of Bouwplast PVC window frames were fitted into the barns of the Van Doorn poultry farm.

Bouwplast PVC window frames from Bouwimpex are used for special custom-made projects such as gable top windows, windows for glass facades, or skylights of several meters long. The main advantage is that the window frames are available in a wide variety of types, versions, types of glass and dimensions.

For this project, the PVC frames were fitted with diffuse HR+++ glass. Diffuse glass is aimed at generating the best possible light transmission and spreading the light that enters the barn. This prevents light spots and flickering,  so that the chickens do not experience stress. The Bouwplast window frames with HR+++ glass have very good insulating and thermal properties, while the well-thought-out assembly system minimises thermal bridges and provides an optimal hygienic finish.

Bouwplast window frames are produced in a default bright white, but they can also be produced in most desired project colours (Renolit film with wood grain structure).

Bouwplast PVC built-in windows are simple but strong. Good, but also economical. That is why Bouwplast windows are mainly used in projects where a functional and solid PVC window is expected, such as agricultural buildings, warehouses and industrial halls.