Bouwplast-plus panels

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Bouwplast-plus panels

Bouwplast-plus panels are manufactured from high-quality PVC. The upper side is fitted with a unique Bouwplast-plus click connection with a waterproof rubber seal. This ensures that dirt is excluded and the panel offers optimal hygiene.

  • Easy to clean

  • Super smooth surface

  • Resistant to ammonia and disinfectants

  • Simple and fast installation

  • Clicking system

  • Double-sided rubber seal

Bouwplast panels are ideal as pen partition or wall system in agricultural buildings and stables. The product range consists of 3 standard width/height dimensions: 500/35 mm, 400/35 mm and 250/35 mm. The 500 mm panel has a flat, smooth underside which make it especially suitable for applications in the farrowing pen.

In addition to applications in modern pig farming, the Bouwplast-plus panels are increasingly more often found in calf farming and modern pig and chicken farming. The panels are also increasingly proving their added value within other (agricultural) sectors.

Bouwplast-plus panels can be produced made to measure. Bouwimpex provides this service at no additional cost.

We also provide the finishing profiles for these panels. Please click here for an overview.


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