Project Description

Bouwplast-plus FR panels in air scrubbers North-Wales

Bouwplast-plus FR panels produced by Bouwimpex were used in the construction of air scrubbers for two broiler houses in North-Wales, UK. The walls and ceilings in the air scrubber are clad with 850 m2 PVC panels with European fire classification B (as placed on the market). The project was carried out by Powell Construction.

Bouwplast-plus FR panels for air scrubbers

PVC panels are ideal for building air scrubbers. A panel system offers great flexibility, can be installed quickly and is cheaper than masonry. The disadvantage of PVC is that it is more sensitive to fire. For this reason, Bouwimpex developed the Bouwplast-plus FR panel. It is unique in its kind: a PVC panel with European fire classification B. The FR (Fire-resistant) panel from Bouwimpex combines fire safety with high quality construction in a single product.

Bouwplast-plus FR panels are highly suitable for use in in air scrubbers:

  • Waterproof finishing, thanks to EPDM rubber sealing between the panels and various PVC profiles;
  • No corrosion, not even in the polluted air of an air scrubber;
  • Fire-safe construction;
  • Flexible system, can be installed quickly.