Project Description

Innovative skylight in German pig barn

When modern pig barns are being built, the provision of natural light and air supply are major starting points in order to comply with animal welfare standards. Bouwimpex installed innovative skylights with integrated inlet valves in a large pig barn in Beckum in Germany. It was a custom job: the LuxAir system was fitted with SKOV A/S inlet valves, which the client had already purchased.

LuxAir is a natural light and air intake system that combines a Bouwplast window frame with an aerodynamic air intake valve. For this project, the dimensions of the Bouwplast frames were matched with the SKOV A/S inlet valves. By determining the correct distribution of the inlet valves beforehand and then adjusting the size of the glass sections accordingly, an attractive and symmetrical appearance was created.

The skylights are connected to each other by custom-made insulation strips and PVC strips. These finishing strips are placed behind the steel trusses, so that the skylights form a visual unity. Not only that: the linking also minimises the thermal bridge.

Bouwimpex was also asked to supply Agraplast exterior doors for this project. These extremely sturdy doors are made of damp-proof, insulating PVC with a UV-resistant finishing. The door panel has a stainless-steel frame and the doors come with stainless-steel door frames and handles. Just like Bouwplast PVC door frames, Agraplast exterior doors are low maintenance and corrosion-resistant. This makes them ideal for use in agricultural construction.