LuxAir: combined daylight and air inlet system

In recent years, measures relating to the building and renovation of stables that are animal-friendly have been tightened up considerably. A good supply of daylight and sufficient fresh air play important roles in this.

Bouwimpex is responding to this development with the innovative LuxAir system. The strength of the new product is the combination of a Bouwplast PVC window with an aerodynamic air intake valve. This effectively achieves maximum daylight intake, together with optimum air supply and exhaust in the stable.

  • Quick & easy installation

  • Can be combined with various types of Bouwplast window frames

  • Aerodynamic inlet valve

  • Can be produced in lengths of up to 6 metres
  • Low maintenance

LuxAir is widely applicable within the agricultural sector: the system is not only suitable for poultry farming, but also for the pig and the veal industries, among others.

The air inlet valve can be combined with almost any type of Bouwplast window frame. Due to the many colour variations and versions (skylight, fixed glass, etc.), the frame can be perfectly matched to the stable. The LuxAir system can be installed quickly and easily and can be produced to any desired size. With LuxAir, you only need to install one recess. This makes it an extremely efficient and cost-effective solution.

By combining the LuxAir system with customised wind hoods – produced from Bouwplast-plus panels – the wind influences can be practically eliminated. This is an ideal combination for promoting animal welfare in the stable!