Bouwplast HP-V panels

Bouwplast HP-V panels are unique in their kind and application and ideal as pen partitions in stables, particularly pig stalls. These hygienic panels of impact-resistant, made from hard PVC and have a flat top and underside. This creates a good seal on the floor and reduces draughts to a minimum. This is important for good ventilation of the feed alley.

  • Flat top and underside

  • Ideal for pen partitions

  • Super smooth surface

  • Easy to clean

  • Resistant to ammonia and disinfectants
The Bouwplast-HP-V product range is available in 5 different panel heights (500, 600, 750, 850 and 1000 mm) and is therefore ideal for applications in the farrowing pen as all usual pen partition heights are easy to achieve.

Because the panels can be ordered to project size, residual waste is kept to a minimum. For a fully hygienic finish, perfectly matching covers are also available to neatly finish the ends.