Bouwplast customised glass doors, skylights and gable facade window frames

Bouwplast PVC window frames are also used for special bespoke projects such as gable facade windows, windows for doors, skylights or (round) interconnected milking carousels. The great benefit is that multiple versions and types can be combined with each other.

  • Special customisation

  • Multiple types of glass possible

  • Wide variety of types and versions

  • Available in various colours

  • Quick installation

  • Competitively priced

The Bouwplast customised programme enables us to produce almost every project wish and version. Skylights/clerestory windows of many metres, eye-catching gable facade windows or large glass doors with coloured pvc window frames – either fitted with a Bouwplast plastic exterior door or not. The end result is, in any case, beautiful and allows for an optimal light output! We will gladly advise and inform you about the options!


• Light strips/skylights/clerestory windows in agricultural buildings
• Complete doors with fixed glass
• Offices and business premises with combined fixed glass, tilt and turn windows and/or doors
• (trapezium) Gable facade windows
• Round interconnected windows
• Fixed glass windows with ventilation grille

We will gladly take work off your hands by taking care of installation for you. Our years of experience and expertise makes us a reliable partner, also in assembly. This means a single point of contact for delivery and installation. That’s how efficient it is! Our specialists will be happy to provide you with information about the possibilities.