Project Description

Smart stable full light, air and space for animals

The Geurts family in Dodewaard had durable and future-oriented meat pig stable built.

This new stable is light and has a lot of space. For example, a large skylight has been installed which ensures daylight in the stable. Bouwplast-plus plastic panels have been used as pen furnishing, departmental walls and air washer. Bouwimpex also supplied and installed fire-retardant ASW-PIR FR insulation.

The stables have a pleasant climate in summer and winter because the temperature and ventilation are completely controlled by computers. The Geurts family invested in an innovative biological air washer that filters 85% of all ammonia, odour and dust from the stable air. This ensures that the stable is not a burden on its environment. An automatic feeding system ensures that each growing pig receives exactly the right amount of feed for his or her age. This keeps the pigs healthy and in top condition.

  • Bouwplast-plus plastic panels
  • Bouwplast skylight
  • ASW-PIR FR insulation

Project images