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Bouwplast PVC doors

Bouwplast PVC doors

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Bouwplast PVC doors

Bouwplast doors are made of hard-plastic PVC and guarantee a very long service life; they can withstand exceptional loads and are protected against extreme weather influences. These beautiful and durable doors come with a metal reinforcement core, strong 3-point lock and draught-free multi-chamber profiles as standard. The doors are easy to install and completely maintenance-free (UV resistant).

  • Metal reinforcement core
  • Insulating double glazing

  • Incl. high-quality hinges and locks

  • Profile depth: 70 mm

  • Available in various colours

  • Fast and easy to install

Bouwplast doors have a tight insulating plastic core (sandwich plate) and are available with insulating double glazing. These doors are mainly used in residential construction, hall construction and agricultural construction (agricultural buildings).

Bouwplast doors are available in various sizes and designs and can also be ordered in project size. A high-quality, UV-resistant Renolit coating is used for the finishing layer. Available in a wide range of RAL colours, this scratch-resistant colour coating ensures that the right colour is obtained for every project, with or without wood grain.

We will gladly take work off your hands by taking care of installation for you. Our years of experience and expertise makes us a reliable partner, also in assembly. This means a single point of contact for delivery and installation. That’s how efficient it is! Our specialists will be happy to provide you with information about the possibilities.


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