SGW FR fire-retardant insulation

SGW FR is a stable insulation plate made of glass wool, which is provided with a glass fleece on the top and aluminum foil on the bottom. The foil is a strong gray foil that can be easily cleaned.

  • Fire behaviour A2-S1-D0, as placed on the market

  • Pressure-resistant, 35 kg/m3

  • Sound absorbing

  • Available in any desired thickness

  • Available in lengths up to 3000 mm

  • Easy to clean and install

The excellent fire class A2-S1-D0 according to EN-13501-1 on the product (as placed on the market) makes the SGW FR insulation boards extremely suitable for applications that require a higher fire safety than the most commonly used insulation boards.

In addition to the excellent fire class, our SGW FR plates also dampen the noise considerably compared to other materials, making it more pleasant to work in the stable.

SGW FR plates are available with straight sides. The SGW FR insulation boards are available in any desired thickness in addition to the standard thicknesses. The plates can be made to measure up to a maximum size of 3000mm.