Topfloor cast iron stable grids

Topfloor grids are suitable for application in stables for fattening pigs and pregnant sows. These stable grids are produced from high quality and solid cast iron (GGG40) and are therefore very strong and durable. The grids are acid and rust resistant and have a high breaking strength. What is remarkable is the unique three-sided rod shape which – when combined with the large slot opening of 12.5 mm – guarantees the best possible manure throughput.

  • Strong, stable construction

  • Self-cleaning

  • Acid and corrosion resistant
  • Large freedom of movement

  • Easy assembly

The stable grids are fitted with sturdy support strips as standard, creating a robust, strong construction. Topfloor grids are fully self-supporting and, therefore, efficient, quick and easy to install. They are produced with a slightly rough surface, creating a perfect non-slip profile. This ensures maximum security for you and your animals.

These strong stable grids are available in various designs and sizes. As an additional safeguard, they are extensively checked for quality and unevenness as a standard feature, to ensure that optimum animal welfare can be guaranteed.