Project Description

Cleanpanel doesn’t let obstacles stop it

Recently, contractor Droste Kleinbouw has completed a Cleanpanel project. The project was the renovation of a wall in a carwash. This carwash is owned by Carwash Bleeker in Twente, the Netherlands.

Droste Kleinbouw was already familiar with the merits of Cleanpanel, and decided to renovate the carwash wall with the panels. The wall and the windows were crooked. ‘Obstacles like that don’t stop Cleanpanel, however’, representative George de Jong says. ‘Thanks to the innovative click system it was easy to assemble the panels.’

Thanks to the smooth surface, Cleanpanel is very easy to clean. The panels are also resistant to corrosion, chemicals and detergents.  That makes the panels highly suitable as construction material for a carwash. Carwash Bleeker is very pleased with their improved wall, which looks very stylish.

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