More security and convenience

Bouwimpex exterior doors are now also available with a code lock. Our Omnidoor and Bouwplast plastic exterior doors are often used in stables, sheds or business premises that that are closed off from the outside.

The code lock eliminates the need for a key. This is handy and also compulsory in situations where a driver, for example, comes to collect the milk from a dairy day and night. electronically controlled code lock is easy to install and programme and is suitable for a maximum of 48 users (unique pin code per user). In addition, the lock is protected against manipulation and has an illuminated keypad.

Is your company already equipped with an Omnidoor or Bouwplast plastic exterior door, but is there interest for a code lock? Installation afterwards is one of the options!

Are you curious about all features and benefits of the code locks? Please contact our sales department via or call +31 (0) 342 02 33.